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  • 3-Band Frequency Panning Reason Effect Combinator


    A 3-Band Frequency Panning Reason Effect Combinator Patch to Isolate Frequencies and Automatically Pan them Separately – created by JustScience

  • 4-Band Reason Distortion Effect


    A 4-Band Reason Distortion Effect Combinator to Separate Frequencies and Distort Isolated Frequencies Separately – created by JustScience

  • Reason MPC Combinators


    Two (2) Pre-Built Reason MPC Combinators for REX Loops and Custom Samples. Turn Reason into an MPC Style Sampler with these Custom Combinator Patches by JustScience

  • FREE Blank Reason Combinator


    Start off every new instrument with J.Sci’s Blank Reason Combinator Patch and streamline your creative workflow. Saving second thought the day can add up to hours once the job is done!!

  • Reason Trap Synth Combinator Patch


    The TRAP-Matic refill patch by JustScience is a super-playable square synth with huge sounds and modern trap twerks & twirps. Break out your MIDI controller knobs and get it in!!

  • Reason FM Synth


    J.Sci’s FM Electro Screamer Synth Patch for Reason is an energetic blast of electro-synth goodness. Try it out in your next big room banger!!

  • Reason Sidechain Compression Matrix


    The J.Sci Sidechain Compression Matrix for Reason is the simplified method for adding that pumping bass sound to your entire rack with one easy to use routing system.

  • Blank Reason Kong Kit Template


    The J.Sci Blank Kong Drum Rack will take your custom drum sound programming to the next level with professional controls and routing to leave the sound knocking while providing you with complete creative control.

  • J.Sci Master Reason Song Template


    The J.Sci Master Song Production Template for Reason 6, 7 & 8 is professionally designed to streamline your creative workflow from production through mixing and mastering stages in any musical style.

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